About Us

Tim Callahan

Tim is the Chief Tactical Instructor for Delta. Tim is a trainer, instructor and lifelong learner. He’s a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and served with the Marine Corps Security Force. Tim operated as a fleet anti-terrorism security team member during extended overseas deployment. After developing his primary firearms, security, tactical and weapons manipulation skills in the Marine Corps Tim diversified his tactical security skills by service in United States Air Force.  Tim served and trained as a member of the Air Force Security Forces. During his tours of duty with the Air Force Security Forces he advanced his skills as an operator, trainer, and instructor with multiple deployments. After his military service Tim advanced his education and holds a bachelor science degree in history and political science from the University of Arkansas. Tim’s experience and education led him to instruct, train and providing personal and force protection as a security contractor both domestically and in security challenged areas around the world. This contracting experience has provided Tim with opportunities to again advance his skills and continue his education. Tim is an athlete and his first love is baseball and although he gave up his own personal pursue of the game to serve his country he has been able to use his skills and education to teach and coach successful baseball teams and individuals that have gone on to play Division I collegiate baseball. Over many years Tim has instructed with and advised Delta Tactical in training development. Tim is not just a shooter but a thinker, coach and teacher which makes him a valued member of the Delta Tactical Team.

Brad Doney

Brad is Delta's Chief Firearms Instructor. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran and former U.S. Navy Security Force Team member. He is a current sworn Law Enforcement Officer in the Spring River Township of Randolph County Arkansas, and has and continues to train with current and former U.S. Military and U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service Firearms Instructors. Brad continues to hone his skills by training with law enforcement officers and S.W.A.T team members from major metropolitan units and is certified in Solo Officer Rapid Deployment. He is a Certified Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Responce Training (ALERRT) Instructor and an adjunt instructor for Texas State University's ALERRT program in: 

Exterior Responce to Active Shooter Events, Active Shooter in Low Light and Civilian Responce to Active Shooter Events. Brad is certified as a Firearms Safety Instructor by the Arkansas State Police (CHCL Instructor 15-1155) for Concealed Carry Handgun Licensing, Enhanced Concealed Carry Handgun Licensing and is NRA Certified as a Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor, NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor and NRA Certified Range Safety Officer. Brad is also trained in unarmed and less lethal weapons personal protection. He is a Certified Combat Objective Battle Ready Application (C.O.B.R.A.) Self Defense Systems Instructor and has over 14 years’ experience as a competitive wrestler in Collegiate and Free Style Wrestling. His unarmed training also includes Judo, Krav Maga and Military Mixed Martial Arts. Brad is a professional Safety Officer and Medical Health Physicist and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Medicine from the University of Central Arkansas and Master of Science degree in Health and Safety from Indiana State University. He has over ten years of experience as a University Instructor with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  Brad has broad experience in teaching adult learners and is continuing to broaden his skills as a certified Instructor for T.A.C.T. (Therapeutic Alternatives in Crisis Training) where he teaches methods of de-escalation to medical professionals, Security Guards and Law Enforcement Officers. He is a hunter and competitive marksman and competes in International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and United States Practical Shooting Association.

Ethan Doney

Ethan is our lead instructor. He is a active Licensed Security Professional, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Recruiter and lifelong shooter and hunter. Ethan has been a competitive trap shooter, and currently competes in International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and United States Practical Shooting Association competitions. He is a member of the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation and a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor, and NRA Certified Range Safety Officer. Ethan has and continues to train with current and former U.S. Military firearms instructors, Law Enforcement Officers and S.W.A.T team members from major metropolitan units. Ethan attended Williams Baptist College and has been a professional instructor for over two years and enjoys working with new shooters as well as advanced and Tactical Law Enforcement Officers. Ethan is a avid hunter and has intrest in long range hunting and persision long range shooting.